Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thomas 3 Months

Happy 3 months old to our sweet, little Thomas Joseph! When I think back on this last month, I think of the word "smile". Thomas has learned how to smile and does it so very often! His whole body is taken over from his sweet smile. It can just warm your heart! Thomas has had many firsts this month including meeting his cousins from both sides of the family, visiting daddy at work, venturing out to the grocery store, visiting Kelsey (aka Mrs. Sisk) and her students at FRA and meeting up with various friends for playdates. I guess you could say Mommy was ready to get out of the house! ;)

Thomas continues to sleep so well through the night. During the day, his newborn "sleep all the time" phase has begun to fade. He will nap somewhere between 45 min to an hour and a half. I am working on helping him learn how to fall asleep on his own. He has done very well thus far. This month Thomas has really done a great job learning how to hold his head up while being held. Thomas eats about 6 times a day with his first feeding beginning at 6:30 am. This past month my milk supply has remained very steady! (Praise!) Thomas has already grown out of 3 months clothes wearing 3-6 month - 6 month.

Big brother Andrew has really began to notice his little brother. He loves to come over to kiss on his brother, hold his hand or give him a hug. It just warms this momma's heart! :)


Napping just about anywhere!

Morning smiles!

Uncle Clark came to visit!

Meeting his cousin Hudson who is just weeks younger than Thomas.

Meeting cousins Ellie and Heidi!

Brotherly love!

Big boy holding up his head so well!

Sweet smiles!

Outside time!

First time to the grocery store! Success!

Smiling with mommy!

Loving this warmer weather!

Happy boy!

Snuggles with mommy!

First time visiting daddy at work!

Bath time!

Snuggle time with daddy after a long night shift at the hospital!

Visiting Mrs. Sisk!

Not too crazy about the Bumbo yet...

Love this sweet smile!!

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